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We are the only Greek data recovery laboratory able to get data back even from physical damaged disks CD’s DVD’s memory stiks etc. “Anaktisis Ltd” is located in Athens Papagos area next to the ministries of Defence and Transport. Metro station National Defence.

Diagnosis Analysis is for free. First, we let you know the nature of the problem, the cost and the time we need to recover your data. Then, you sign an Order to Recover before we start. Please come directly to “Anaktisis” as unsuccessful tries get damage worst and cost higher..

We recover data from any known operation system, and any type of media connected with computers. Prices are lower than any place in European Union. Usually, you get data back maximum in a week. We can even be faster if you follow the express recover formula.

When finished we sign with clients a confidentiality agreement according to greek laws. Lots of famous clients have signed that agreement. Go to have a look.


«Thank you»
 from big organization

  Rewarded in Greece for being fast and efficient is something really valuable.We have heard many “Thanks” from IT managers and Directors of well-known companies and organizations

Science limits are here

  You don’ t have to scratch disk with a knife to have data lost for ever. Just let damaged HDD work a little while and you'll know… Otherwise poor it with garbage data to make original data unrecoverable...


  We are specialized in complex systems recovery. “Anaktisis” proudly announced half price charging for Raid arrays since 2005. If the media contains lots of gigabytes you pay a moderate fee per disk for Diagnosis. Same for SCSI hdds. Very important notice. Don’t try anything to get data back from an array system when one or more disks are damaged, or when you simply don’t understand what is going on.


  The smaller is a disk, the bigger difficulty you have to bring the hardware all together to have information retrieved. We do this for 2,5’’ and 1,8’’ hdds of modern mininotebooks. We have recovered data even from SF microdisks.